Health Coverage

It’s important to keep yourself protected. That is why The Domino Effect Health offers the best possible Individual Coverage Package in the industry, to guarantee that you and your family live your lives free of worries.

  • Individual & Group Plans

  • Dental/Vision

  • Supplemental

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Legal Protection

Finally, you can live life knowing you have a law firm in your back pocket. In addition to legal services, we also offer identity theft plans. Should your identity be stolen, we offer full restoration services.

  • Personal Plans

  • Business Plans

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Proximity Marketing

Automatically promote your business and attract new customers using Google’s ‘Nearby’ technology. Broadcasts your message and link up to 100 yards and can be viewed as a notification by nearby Android phones & devices with Bluetooth enabled.


  • Realtor?

  • Retailer?

  • Salon Owner?

Melaleuca, The Wellness Company

With over 400 products to choose from, it would take more than three years for an average Preferred Member to try all of our products just once.

  • Vitamins & Supplements

  • Essential Oils

  • Food & Weight Loss

Melaleuca also offers Cleaning and Laundry, Medicine Cabinet, Skin and Beauty, Bath and Body, Dental Care, Pet Care products and more!